Saturday, December 3, 2011

[cool toys] Lightspeed i-Helicopter

One of the latest releases in the world of iHelicopter’s is the Lightspeed. This is a brand new and unique way of having fun with your iPhone which goes way beyond mini games and graphics, the fun is now touchable like never before.

Thanks to the latest innovations in technology you are able to use your phone like never before and take control of this fantastic looking helicopter. Forget large and bulky remote controls, use your handset and start having fun! The Lightspeed model is able to be controlled by:

  • iPhone 4

  • iPhone 3G

  • iPad

  • iPod Touch

  • Several Android Handsets ( see list below)

All you need to do is download the free application and install it onto your compatible handset. You can download the app at any time, just search for the Copter Controller and select install. Once you have it on your phone you will just have to wait for your brand new iHelicopter to arrive and attach the IR transmitter to your phone which is included in the box. You will now be ready and able to start flying this stylish helicopter.

Taking Control

When you download the app your screen will be transformed into a remote control. To get the best response it is important to turn up the volume on your handset to maximum as this is what regulates the transmitter strength.

On screen you will see everything you require to have a successful flight. You will be able to control the forward and backward movements as well as up and down, hover and land. You have the option of using the direction control stick on screen or switch to the inbuilt gyro controls. Gyro makes full use of the tilt technology found in the iPhone and other android handsets. Simple tell the helicopter how and where to move by tilting the device. With a few practices you will soon become a master.

Fantastic Features

  • The iHelicopter is ready assembled and measures 20 cm in length

  • No batteries required

  • Turbo button allows for super-fast flights

  • Throttle Stick on the app allows for maintaining height with ease

  • LED lights positioned on the canopy of the helicopter can be switched on or off

  • Includes user manual

  • Charging takes just 30 minutes and provides approximately 9 minutes of flight time

  • Durable body able to protect against crash damage

This is one of the top gifts and the release has come in time for Christmas. If you are looking for a unique, fun and quality made gadget then the Lightspeed iHelicopter is ideal.

Compatible Devices

  • HTC – Desire HD , Desire S, Hero, Incredible S, Wild Fire, Sensation

  • Samsung – 9100, i9000

  • Moto – MB525

  • LG – P350

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