Sunday, October 12, 2008

Ways to drive traffic to your blog

One of the easy way to drive traffic to your blog is by sharing your blog post to social and bookmark sites. Do not believe in what I say, try it yourself.Since my blog are quiet new, I notice that whenever I submit a post to share, it will generate some traffic, though my blog have not got much traffic yet.

The tool I use is Social Poster , one of the best tools in submitting blog post to social and bookmark sites that I found from the web recently.


Just go to the post that you want to submit, highlight a selection of text you want to include as descriptions, then click at the Social Poster bookmarklet, it will automatically capture your post url, post title and the text you highlighted.

Next you will need to click at {Start Posting},this process make sure the respective social and bookmark site will capture your post url, title, text, tags accordingly.

Now you can start submitting to the services you have selected, just click at the {Post} button of each service to submit, Social Poster allow you to submit to 79 social sites.


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