Monday, October 6, 2008

The Internet Browser for Kids

1. Go to

2. Click on {DOWNLOAD FREE!} to download KidZui.

Scr Oct. 06 10.4901.jpg

3. After you have downloaded KidZui, double click on it to install.

4. Double click at to start KidZui Browser.

5.While starting KidZui Browser, wait until you see the following at the centre of the screen, then click at {Click Here} to sign-up an account for your kid. You can setup individual account for each of your kids.

Scr Oct. 06 10.5203.jpg

6. Click at {New Boy}to sign-up for boys, and of course {New Girls} for girls.Then click {Next}

Scr Oct. 06 11.0004.jpg

7. Key in an user name for your kid to login to KidZui Browser. Click {Next} to continue.

Scr Oct. 06 11.0405.jpg

8. Key in a password.

Scr Oct. 06 11.0406.jpg

9. Click the number that corresponding with your kid's age.

Scr Oct. 06 11.0507.jpg

10. Key in your email.Then click at {Click to send activation email }

Scr Oct. 06 11.0508.jpg

11. Wait for KidZui Browser to create the new account for your kid.

Scr Oct. 06 11.0609.jpg

12. After creating of new account been completed, click at {Check Your Email} to activate the newly created account, else your kid will not be able to login to KidZui Browser.

Scr Oct. 06 11.0610.jpg

13. Open your email, and click at the Activation link.

Scr Oct. 06 11.0812.jpg

14. Once you see the Congratulation screen, it means your account have been activated, now your kid can login to KidZui Browser.

Scr Oct. 06 11.0913.jpg

15. Ask your kids to choose their respective account, key in their password and click {Login}.

Scr Oct. 06 11.3215.jpg

16. Now you kids can explore the web happily.

Scr Oct. 06 11.1314.jpg

17. There will be another email for you to activate and set the password for parent's account.

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