Sunday, October 5, 2008

CCleaner Vs Eusing Free Registry Cleaner

CCleaner is a popular System Utility software that helps to clean up the Windows registry, and many more functions.

Eusing Free Registry Cleaner is a one purpose software, that is to clean the windows registry.

I have do a Google Trends search below is the result.

In term of search popularity Eusing Free Registry Cleaner is the definite loser. But in terms of ability it is totally a different story.

Scr Oct. 05 14.1204.jpg

I have done an experiment that:

1. First I scan and fix using CCleaner. Then I check it again with CCleaner, and says it is all clear.

Scr Oct. 05 12.2101.jpg

2. Next I scan again with Eusing Free Registry Cleaner, and it found another 35 problems.

Scr Oct. 05 12.2202.jpg

Another test, first I scan and clear it with Eusing first, then scan again using CCleaner, and CCleaner found another 9 problems, mostly unused file extensions.

Scr Oct. 05 14.3107.jpg

After these test, I conclude that I will use both CCleaner and Eusing side by side, and now my computer runs quiet fast.

How do you maintain your windows registry?

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