Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Launch any application in windows with a keyborad shortcut

Yes, you can launch any application with an desktop shortcut, but do you notice that you can do it by using keyboard shortcut also?

1. It is easy, just click at {start}/{all programs}/{internet explorer}, then right click and select {properties}.


2. At the properties window, click at the shortcut key field, and press i, you will see the value change from {none} to {ctrl+alt+i}, next click at {ok}. Now every time you want to launch Internet explorer, just press {ctrl+alt+i}.


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earthmother said...

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I love the RSS icon and option to subscribe to your feed on each post. Have you ever shared how to create this on your blog? I'd be thrilled to learn. I even love the colors you used. If you'd be so kind as to share the coding, I'd be most grateful.