Tuesday, January 13, 2009

JoikuSpot Light-a wi-fi hotspot in your pocket

JoikuSpot Light - a freeware that turns your handphone into a wi-fi hotspot.

The setup is easy. All you need to do is download and install the JoikuSpot Light into your handphone. Once installed, just run the application, your handphone will become a wi-fi hotspot.Now you can connect your notebook or pc to the internet via your cell phone without the trouble of to lug around your Bluetooth/Cable/USB dongles.

JoikuSpot Light runs on the Symbian devices. Device must have WLAN and 3G support.

The current supported devices is as follow:

  1. Samsung i7110

  2. Samsung i550w

  3. Samsung GT-I8510

  4. Samsung G810

  5. Nokia N96

  6. Nokia N95 Americas

  7. Nokia N95 8GB Americas

  8. Nokia N95 8GB

  9. Nokia N95

  10. Nokia N93i

  11. Nokia N93

  12. Nokia N91

  13. Nokia N85

  14. Nokia N82

  15. Nokia N81 8GB

  16. Nokia N81

  17. Nokia N80

  18. Nokia N79

  19. Nokia N78

  20. Nokia N77

  21. Nokia E90

  22. Nokia E71

  23. Nokia E70

  24. Nokia E66

  25. Nokia E65

  26. Nokia E63

  27. Nokia E61i

  28. Nokia E61

  29. Nokia E60

  30. Nokia E51

Protocols supported by JoikuSpot Light at moment are HTTP & HTTPS. So you can browse normal web pages and secure web pages, but not sites requiring VPN connection.

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