Monday, December 15, 2008

How to password protect your USB

With the convenient and the increased storage of USB, we store a lot of data into USB, some are normal but some are important private data that we should encrypt them.

How many times have we just plug in an USB into a computer and forget to unplug and lost it.

Cryptainer LE , is good freeware that helps you to password protect your USB, it not only works on your USB, but it also works on your desktop also.

Once Cryptainer LE is install and enabled, you just work like normal, no extra procedure are require to encrypt your data, it is all done automatically by Cryptainer LE.

You can encrypt on multiple files, folders and there is no limitation on file types.Cryptainer encrypts every kind of file format, whether it is textual, tabular, graphical, organized in a database, audio or video.

Cryptainer LE works on all media also, including external devices such as a CD, USB, Floppy.

The Cryptainer LE maximum volume is 25 MB, but this should not be a limit, because your can create multiple volumes.

Installation of Mobile version

In order to install the mobile version of Cryptainer LE, you have to first install Cryptainer LE into your desktop.

1.Once you have install Cryptainer LE, click at {Tools} and select {Install Cryptainer Mobile}

Cryptainer LE-01.jpg

2. Next select the USB drive to install.

Cryptainer LE-02.jpg

3. The installation will complete in a short while.

Cryptainer LE-03.jpg

4. When the Mobile installation is completed, you will have to {Shutdown and Exit} the desktop version, in order to start using the mobile version in your USB.

Cryptainer LE-04.jpg

5.Open your USB, and double click on the {CryptainerLE Mobile } to start the mobile version of Cryptainer LE.

Cryptainer LE-05.jpg

6.Click at {New Volume} to start creating a volume for your USB.

Cryptainer LE-06.jpg

7.Fill in the details and click at {Proceed to create volume}

Cryptainer LE-07.jpg

8.Upon completion, please note down your volume name.

Cryptainer LE-08.jpg

9.This is the new volume we have just created, as you can see I have named it as {MYFOLDER01} in step 7 as my volume label.

Cryptainer LE-09.jpg

10. Now you can start storing files or folders into this volume as you wish, once you click {Unload and close}, all your files stored in this volume will be encrypted.

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