Thursday, December 18, 2008

Application Remover

AppRemover is not a normal application remover like windows Add and Remove Program. It is specially designed to ease the transition of security software, like anti virus and anti spyware program.

Switching from one anti virus software to another is not an easy task, because many security packages leave a lot of files and registry entries behind making it difficult to install a different or new suite.AppRemover is designed to completely removes security software so that the transition from one desktop security suite to another can be implemented smoothly.

AppRemover supports most of the popular anti virus and antispyware utilities. Such as McAfee, Norton, F-Secure, TrendMicro, Ad-Aware and SpywareBlaster.AppRemover is currently in beta, the supported list will surely grows up as it progress.

AppRemover is slim in size and is free, you can just paste it into an USB and run without installing anything.


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