Thursday, October 30, 2008

How to make application run from USB

With the high storage volume of USB, portable application is becoming popular nowadays. I love to bring along my daily use application in my USB. But sometime you find certain application dose not have a portable version. Is there anyway to make it run on an USB?

Universal Extractor is the answer.

Universal Extractor not only extract file from any type of archive(zip.rar etc), the cool thing is that it also extract file from an Installation Program, even a Windows Installer(.msi) package.

Download and install Universal Extractor. Next time when you click on a Installation Program or zip files, you will have to option to extract the file with Universal Extractor.

Below is a step by step illustration of extracting an Installation Program into a USB drive and run the installed program right from the USB.

Step 1:

Of course your need to plug in your USB drive into your computer.

The program I wish to install is {The Glary Utilities}, so I go to my computer and look for the file named {gusetupnew261.exe} and right click on it, then I choose {UniExtract Files...}


Step 2:

At the {Destination directory:} I choose my USB drive which is J:\ and I wish to install the program into a folder call J:\Gary Utilities. The next thing I do is click at the {OK} button.


Once I clicked at the {OK} button, the following screen will appear, as you can see that it is actually {Extracting files from: Inno Setup installer}. Wait until it finish, the screen will disappear.


Step 3:

To run the program, go to the USB drive, inside the {Glary Utilities} folder, look for a subfolder named {app}.


Inside {app} folder, look for the program's exe file to start, the start program for Glary Utilities is {Integrator.exe}, double on {Integrator.exe} to run the program.


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