Friday, October 3, 2008

How to display Google Calendar inside your blog

Google Calendar is a free contact- and time-management web application offered by Google that allows users to synchronize their Gmail contacts with a web-based calendar.

While users are not required to have a Gmail account, but they are required to have a free Google Account in order to use the software.

Google also provide code for users to display the Google Calendar inside their blog or website.

1. Login to Google Calendar.

2. Click at the small triangle and select {Calendar settings}

Scr Oct. 03 11.2806.jpg

3. Go to {Embed This Calendar},click at {Customize the color,size, and other options}

Scr Oct. 03 10.4003.jpg

4. Setup your preference accordingly, then click at {Update HTML}, copy and paste the code from the code box into where you want to display the Google Calendar in your blog or website.(of course it must be a place that can support html/javasript).

Demo site :

For more details, please visit the google official site :

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