Friday, October 10, 2008

How to Add Star Rating Widget to your blog

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Some of your readers may left a comment on your post, some may just want to rate your post as 1 star or 5 stars. To include a Star Rating Widget in your blog will enable you to interact with your readers more easily and from your readers rating you will be able to judge the quality of you blog post.

To add this rating widget into your blog post is very easy, just go to .

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1. Click at your blog platform. Mine is Blogger.

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2. Select your language, then click at {Get Widget Now!}(you can choose to register after you have add in your widget, it is advisable to register to obtain more information about your blog traffic.)

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3. Log in to your blog.

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4. Select your blog, then Click at {ADD WIDGET}, a new widget(Rating by outbrain) will be added into your blog.

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5. Now when ever your reader click on a post from your blog, a 5 stars rating widget will be shown at the bottom of your post.

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The above setting will only display the star rating widget whenever your reader click on a particular post of your blog, it will not display at the home page of your blog, if you want to make it display on every post at the home page you will need to do some modification.

Modification Step(for Blogger):

1. Go to your blogger {Dashboard} ->{Layout}, look for {Rating by outbrain} widget, and click at {Edit}

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2. Select all the content and click ctrl+c to copy. (We will paste this code someway inside the template.)

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2. Next click at {Layout}->{Edit HTML}->Tick at {Expand Widget Template}

3. Press ctrl+f to activate the search box, then key in "post.body" to look for the following code.


4. Press ctrl+v to paste the copied code before


5. Now click at {SAVE TEMPLATE}, now you will have the star rating widget on every posts.

Happy blogging!

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