Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Crossloop-A must for System Support Personel

If you are a system support person, this is must for you.

CrossLoop enable you to share your desktop with another remote computer.

CrossLoop is designed for non-technical users.

The user interface is simple and straight forward.

If you want to access a remote computer:

1. The remote computer user will have to start CrossLoop.

2. Click at {Share}, and tell you the {Access code}, in this case is {2181 9819 3724}, then click at {Connect} to wait for you to connect.


3. Start your CrossLoop, click at {Access}, key in the access code received from the remote computer user. Then click connect to access.


If you want to let others to access your computer just do the reverse.

Download Crossloop from http://www.crossloop.com or here

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Jacob said...

An even easier tool to use is Techinline Remote Desktop (http://www.techinline.com) I'm currently using it to support my customers remotely, and am very happy with the functionality and ease of use. They also have a flexible pay as you go plan for sporadic users, which is a change from most other services on the market which charge hundreds of dollars annually for this sort of thing