Thursday, September 11, 2008

PlayYO the smallest portable media player

I love PlayYO so much that I can't live without it, I put it inside my thumb drive, inside my cd and of course I put it inside my music folder in my company. It weighs only 11kb.PayYO is definitely the most versatile media player. And better of all , it is portable

1. Download PlayYO here

2. Extract PlayYO to a folder.

3. Copy PlayYO.exe to the folder that contain your music files, then double click at PayYO.exe, it will start playing your music. You will not see any user interface. that is PlayYO.

4. For functions like next, forward, close etc. Please refer to the readme file.

Another good partner for PlayYO will be TrayVolume, which let you control your speaker volume by scrolling your mouse wheel.

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