Sunday, September 28, 2008

How to display popular posts at your blog sidebar

It is a good thing to display the most popular posts of your blog so that your readers can read it easily.

And you will know your readers favorite topics.

AideRSS is a good website that provide this service, it works perfectly well, and the integration is simple and easy.

1. Go to AideRSS, keyin your blog url, then press {Analyze}

Scr Sep. 28 09.3601.jpg

2. Wait for a while, let aiderss analysing your post. When finished, click at {Sharing & Widgets}。

Scr Sep. 28 09.3702.jpg

3. Copy and paste the code next to {Top posts} into you blog widget that support for html and javascript. that is it. Now your blog will be showing your most popular posts and it will be updated as times go by.

Scr Sep. 28 09.3703.jpg

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Melanie Baker said...

Thanks for the write-up! I've certainly found to date that our community does the best job of educating new users to the service.

As always, we're all ears for questions and feedback. Drop us a line any time!