Saturday, September 6, 2008

ExtractNow-Extract Multiple archives the Fast and Easy way

There are many Zip utilities out there. Some are free, some are shareware, but ExtractNow is my babe.

What is so special about ExtractNow?

It can extract all the files i downloaded from the internet.

"Hey! 7-zip, winzip, rar can do that too, so what is so special about it?"

It can extract multiple files at the same time.

"Then show me how?"

1. Download ExtractNow

2. Double click at the downloaded file to start the installation.

3. Make sure you tick the Register shell context menu option,else you will not feel the power of ExtractNow.

4. Below is the simple interface of ExtractNow.

Now let me show you how to extract multiple files at one time.

1. The files that we are going extract is as follow:

2. Move you mouse over, right click then select [Enqueue].

3. The file will added to ExtractNow.

4. Repeat step the above step(5) for the file named and

5. Now you can see there are three files inside the ExtractNow window. Click at [Extract]。A little while you will see the "100% Job Completed Successfully"

6. Now you can see that the file named, and have been extract to three folders with the folder name same as the zip files.Open these folder you will see what is the extracted files.

7. If you want to extract just a single file, it will be even easier and faster. Just move your mouse over the file you want to extract, right click and choose [3. Extract to named folder].

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